Millennium BC Executives

Evin Li
Evin is honored to work alongside the Executive Team in empowering students to view the world through both innovative and creative lens. She is currently attending Point Grey Secondary as a senior and has witnessed firsthand the gender disparity that exists in STEM -- having it manifested as numbers in the classroom. Rooting from these combined experiences, Evin hopes to empower high school students to push past the initial reluctancy in exploring the different career streams surrounding STEM, and to spark purposeful conversations that have an impact on the real world, outside the walls of the classroom. When she isn’t organizing events for Student Council or playing ultimate, Evin enjoys learning about sustainability, inspiring social consciousness through Project Zero, and taking naps (that are almost always way too long)!
Chloé Chevallier
Entering her senior year at Sentinel Secondary, Chloé is excited to serve as this year’s Co-Chair for Millennium. After seeing gender inequality in all areas of STEM, she set out to make a change and promote a 50:50 gender split to help others interested in the fields. Aside from her work with non-profit organizations, Chloé can be found playing field hockey for BC, playing the guitar and cooking. She is looking forward to working with the incredible team of executives to put together this year’s conference.
Daniel Akbarzadeh
IT Director
Daniel Akbarzadeh is a grade 12 student at Sentinel Secondary and is thrilled to be Millennium’s IT director this year. He loves to participate in STEM education, whether it be through volunteering to teach little kids or managing websites. He strongly believes in providing quality opportunities in STEM to everyone and fostering an environment where tomorrow’s inventors, tinkerers and testers can develop their skills by helping get the message out to as many as possible through the internet. Aside from his work, Danny loves to play sports, such as soccer, skiing and swimming, and coaches and referees youth soccer.

Emily Hu
Logistics Director
Emily is a grade 11 student at Crofton House School, and is ecstatic to serve as Millennium’s Logistics Director for it’s 2019-2020 iteration. When not cramming late at night for an upcoming test, Emily can be found learning web design, playing basketball, and leading her school’s robotics club. During her (infinitesimal amount of) free time, one can see Emily taking portraits of her friends, impulsively shopping, and binge watching The Office. Emily hopes to see everyone on November 9th, 2019, and is looking forward to a conference filled with discovery, creativity, and innovation.
Apple Liu
Outreach Director
Apple is a grade 11 student at Saint Thomas More Collegiate. She participates in the school’s provided robotics course that uses the VEX curriculum and is planning to take AP Computer Science next year in grade 12. Apple wishes to use this opportunity to not only help herself explore more of the STEM world, but to also help encourage others to pursue it for their own careers. In her spare time, Apple loves playing badminton, drawing and singing.

Stephanie Chow
Finance and Sponsorship Director
Stephanie is a Grade 12 student at Sentinel Secondary School in West Vancouver. For the past three years, she has been in the Robotics Academy, participating in local VEX Robotics tournaments in B.C. as well as at the VEX World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. Aside from robotics, Stephanie is a competitive rock climber who is nearing her eighth year as an athlete. In her spare time, she likes to play piano, pet cats, and cook food. If you ask nicely, she might even bake you cookies!
Ailie Ozaki
Workshop Coordinator
A grade 10 student at Point Grey Secondary, Ailie is an active member at school, especially in World Vision. Through Millenium, she hopes to spread word of gender equality and give others a chance to pursue STEM in their future. Science is one of her favourite subjects and she hopes to become more involved in science fields. Aside from school, she is a competitive gymnast at UBC Gymnastics. In her free time, she likes to play Ultimate frisbee, piano, singing and learning new instruments. Ailie is thrilled to be part of such a unique experience!
Khushi Dhand
Marketing Director
Khushi wants to expand on her role in many ways, whether it’s designing graphics or interacting with like-minded students who share a similar passion for STEM. Khushi hopes to create content that transforms Millennium’s vision into tangible, and more elaborate messages — catered especially to the interests of students across the Lower Mainland. Besides her dedication with many extra-curriculars, she loves to play badminton, draw sketches in her free time and loves watching YouTube videos.