October Networking Session:
Health Sciences

Thursday, October 10, 2019

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

  • 4 rotations with specialized doctors/medical students
  • 10-minute rotating network opportunities
  • 1 hour event
  • Free snacks
  • No cost—free to attend!


Millennium STEM Alberta is excited to present a new series of networking sessions to offer students valuable opportunities to meet professionals and other like-minded students!

These events aim to introduce students to the real-world industries of STEM, providing them with an opportunity to learn about current industry trends and build connections to help them work towards their careers.

Millennium STEM Alberta strives to encourage students to see the importance of technology through STEM fields through the annual TECHCON. By providing networking sessions, Millennium STEM Alberta's goal is to delve into specific conference topics that students may find of interest and to explore further; through Networking Sessions, Millennium AB provides the opportunity for face-to-face, easygoing, and informal conversations with STEM professionals.

Special thanks to Superstore 1570!