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  • 3 workshop sessions
  • A networking and exhibition session with complimentary lunch
  • Freebies


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Hussein Hallak

Opening Keynote

CEO and Founder of Next Decentrum, a blockchain education company, Hussein Hallak is serial entrepreneur and startup founder with over 25 years of business experiences. He is the creator of Intro to Blockchain, The Blockchain Course, Blockchain Business Fundamentals, Make the LEAP, The Startup Course, and the Lean Entrepreneur Acceleration Program. With a passion for tech, lean, startups, design thinking, impact, blockchain and decentralized innovation, Hussein lives to inspire entrepreneurship and unleash breakthrough innovation through connection, collaboration, and community.

Sonali Giovino

Crypto Fundamentals and Closing Keynote

Sonali Giovino has been working in the Blockchain and Crypto space since the beginning of 2017. She is an active speaker, investors and a passionate advocate of educating and showcasing innovative technologies such as Blockchain, AI, and VR that provide solutions to real-world problems and changing the way we engage with each other. Her expertise is in Marketing, Business Development, and Event Production. She is the producers of events such as the Blockchain Yacht Cruise and many educational crypto events. She now leads as Head of BizDev for Veme which is a social media platform powered by the blockchain, also using state of the art technologies such as AI, ML, and AR to enhance the user experience and introduce new features not currently available in the social media space.



Virtual Reality


Calvin Ting

Coding Workshop Lead

Calvin Ting finished RED’s Full Stack Developer Program after 2 years of college and worked at BAM. He now works as a Project Manager at WCS Holdings. Due to his inquisitive personality, in his free time, he can be found learning new things or exploring the world. He enjoys topics revolving around business and coding.

Eyexpo Technology

Virtual Reality Workshop Lead

Vivian Chan is a technology executive who has been involved in launch, monetization, sales and marketing for 3 waves of disruptive technology: Business Intelligence/Big Data; Cloud Saas/Paas; and now Immersive Technology/AR/VR. In this session, students will have a chance to talk about what the current reality is with Immersive technology, look at the problems it is solving, and the type of content that is being created. Students will learn about differences across the immersive technology stack and receive hands-on experience in creating their own 360 experience.

Science World at Telus World of Science

Robotics Workshop Lead

Led by Hope Hakello from Science World, this workshop will introduce youth to computational-thinking and the technology computer programmers may use. Students will be challenged to create a code that results in an ozobot ‘dance.’ They will explore challenges of varying difficulty, ultimately to create the greatest dance moves. By the end of the workshop, youth will have the skills and knowledge to write code to perform a specific task.


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